Website Hosting Service

We offer a fully managed website hosting service where we take care of all of the technical aspects of hosting your website.

Our website hosting package includes:

  • Domain Registration and DNS Hosting

    We take care of registering the domain name on your behalf, hosting and configuring DNS settings and setting up the domain to point to web servers and email servers as necessary. 

  • SSL Certificate

    Google and other search engines give a higher priority to sites protected by SSL than others. We will provide you with an SSL certificate from a trusted provider and set up your website to work with it.

  • Wordpress setup and Hosting

    We will install and configure WordPress for you. All our website hosting packages use our trusted hosting partners in the EU. Servers are optimised for speed and security and suitable for most sites.

  • Wordpress Core and plugin updates

    We check for updates and upgrade the WordPress Core, Themes and plugins regularly and update them as necessary. All themes and plugins are fully licenced in order to allow timely updates.
  • Website Optimisation

    We set up your site with speed optimisation tools so that your site is as fast as possible.
  • Website Mailbox

    We also offer a mailbox that is connecte to your website to be able to receive emails from your website through contact forms and other plugins.